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New information on Persona 5: The Royal has arrived

New information has been revealed at the Persona Concert in Japan these past two days. Persona 5: The Royal has a release date for Japan as well as a worldwide release window.

Persona 5: The Royal has a flurry of new stuff coming its way, including the newest member of the Phantom Thieves. Kasumi Yoshizama is a transfer student, just like P5’s protagonist, and partakes in gymnastics. With that, another new character is joining as a confidant. Takuto Makuri will be added in as the Shujin’s school counselor.

Another addition to the game is a new location, Kichijōj. A small neighborhood in Tokyo filled with fashion shops, restaurants, bars, and coffee houses. New activities, such as SEGA’s own darts game, DartsLive 3, are included. A new “Daily Assist” function is also added to enhance your everyday life and new combat mechanics are added to enhance your phantom life.

New music by Persona series producer, Shoji Meguro, is also being made, and a PS4 Pro version will also be available. Release date for Japan is October 31, 2019 and a worldwide release in 2020. You can visit the official website for more details.

Enjoy these amazing screenshots.

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