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Naruto is headed to Fortnite this month

Naruto will be the newest crossover with Epic Games' global giant Fortnite.

No game has received the sheer amount of random collaborations as Fortnite. Everything from the Marvel Universe to the NFL has somehow found its way into Epic Games’ popular battle royale title. Even other popular videogame franchises like Street Fighter and Tomb Raider ended up collaborating with the game. Now, the popular anime Naruto will enter the impressive catalogue of crossovers.

Although rumors about the character crossing over with Fortnite persisted throughout the year, Epic Games officially announced the crossover last night on Twitter. The crossover event begins on Tuesday, November 16.

As of now, Epic Games released no information regarding the actual scope of the crossover. However, dataminers recently discovered a number of Naruto references we may see in the collaboration event. In addition to a themed hub for Creative mode, dataminers also found references to a kunai weapon. Additionally, they state a Naruto boss character will roam the Fortnite map.

Twitter user HYPEX also leaked a number of cosmetics the event will include. The leaks also suggest that characters Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Sasuke will appear in the Fortnite crossover.

Although none of the leaks are officially confirmed, the sources appear reputable. The leaked image seems to be from an officially released magazine in Japan. In addition, all of the leaked information about the collaboration follows the pattern of how Fortnite usually handles crossover events.

Because the event begins next Tuesday, however, we don’t have much of a wait. What do you think? Are you excited for the collaboration between Fortnite and Naruto? Let us know below!

Via Eurogamer

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