Mutan Insight need designers for new ‘high-end RPG remake for PS5’

From Final Fantasy to the Atelier series, this studio could be working on anything.

Rumors are circulating that Mutan Insight is hiring staff for a “high-end RPG remake for the PlayStation 5.” Currently, it’s unknown what this mystery game is going to be. However, many speculate it could be a remake from Square Enix backlog of games, given the studio’s history. 

As a subsidiary of MUTAN, the Japanese-based game studio has focused on character and background modeling. They have a solid track record for working on well-known Japanese RPGs, such as Final Fantasy XV: Episode ArdynBlue ReflectionPersona Q2, and the Atelier series. With their biggest title belonging to Square Enix, some believe they’ll help shepherd the rumored Chrono Cross to the limelight or support Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 or 3.

Square Enix Logo

For their unannounced project, the game engine used will be Unreal Engine 5. Mutan Insight needs a 3D motion designer, 3D art director, 3D background designer, and 2D character designer with technical know-how when it comes to UE5. Anyone interested in maybe working on an iconic title should take a crack at it!

What could it be?

Anything from Square Enix’s expansive library is on the table at this point. After all, they’ve been on a remake spree for years. However, given Mutan Insight’s time with Persona Q2, it could be an unexpected Atlus title. Then again, Gust Studios has been ramping up the quality of past Atelier games, which makes it likely on their end as well. Whatever the case, we win, yeah?

What are your theories? Let us hear it below!

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