Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms producer claims he felt ‘No pressure’ for the sequel

Things have sure been feeling pretty Mortal Kombat-y around the gaming sphere lately, huh? What with the live-action movie (not to be confused with the 90s one done by the guy who directed Foodfight) hitting theatres and HBO Max earlier this year, and now Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms debuting imminently, it’s a franchise that’s pretty hard to ignore these days. And I imagine that’s precisely how they want it.

Battle of the Realms is a follow-up to last year’s Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, and even though these movies have absolutely nothing to do with the big budget live-action flick – other than, y’know, the games themselves – you could be forgiven for thinking the folks behind them might feel they have some bigger boots to fill than before. Not so, argues producer Rick Morales in an interview with Quite the contrary: “he and the team felt no extra pressures to follow up the live-action movie” with his animated one. Well, at least some of us can keep cool in such situations.

The rest of us elect to go totally off the rails bonkers.

“No, no, no, because [our movie] was being worked on while I assume they were wrapping up theirs,” Morales elaborated when grilled about his response. “So, like I said, I had no knowledge of what they were doing on the live action side. And there were certainly no restrictions put on us about what we could or couldn’t do. There wasn’t anything like, “Hey, you guys need to stay away from Scorpion’s story, because we’re going to be handling that at the beginning of our film,” or anything like that. We didn’t have that communication. It was just accepting that these are two different things.” If only Lucasfilm operated this way, am I right?

Every day I weep for you, Mark. I really do. Hope it at least tasted good.

Morales went on to insist he’s got faith in fans being able to distinguish between his film and the Hollywood blockbuster purely because of their differing mediums. “That’s a live-action thing. This is an animated thing. They don’t live in the same space, they don’t need to. And I think people are savvy enough to understand that. If people can follow 20 some odd Marvel comics universe movies, and alternate realities and this and that, I think they can separate the live-action from the animation.” Whoa there, bud. Might be giving us all too much credit.

Either way, the movie hits home video on August 31st, so you’ll soon be able to find out for yourself if you can tell them apart. We won’t judge.

Are you excited for this movie? Are you a Mortal Kombat fan? Let us know below!


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