Mortal Kombat klassic theme gets sung by Gilbert Gottfried in metal cover

The pinnacle of Cameo videos

Perhaps the most iconic thing that came out of the original Mortal Kombat movies was its theme song. Originally sung by The Immortals, this 90s techno rave banger blasted on every Hi-Fi speaker system in your neighborhood. The song was originally released for the first Mortal Kombat soundtrack in 1994.

Every TV commercial that promoted the movie used this song; They even used it for the Mortal Kombat: Live Tour! While the song is amazing, the live tour wasn’t the best idea… Some ideas are best left on the cutting room floor.

Mortal Kombat Live group photo
You’re welcome

There are dozens of amazing covers for the game’s most iconic song, but did you ever see one with Gilbert Gottfried? You may not recognize his name immediately, but perhaps you remember a particular bird from Aladdin and Cyberchase. Gottfried has also had an extensive, legendary, and controversial comic career.

In honor of the upcoming movie’s release, one band decided to get a little creative. Video game cover band Lame Genie has created many wonderful metal songs from all your favorite titles. In their latest video, they made the ingenious decision to have Gilbert Gottfried voice the announcer from Mortal Kombat. I busted out laughing when Gottfried couldn’t spell Johnny Cage’s name.

It looks like Lame Genie paid for a Cameo from Gottfried to read all the fighters’ names. That’s the most amazing use of money I think I have ever seen.

You can check out their cover of the video above and Lame Genie’s discography below.

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