Microsoft announces Xbox 20th anniversary broadcast

It seems Microsoft wants to keep the party going for Xbox’s 20th-anniversary celebration. The company has announced a special broadcast set for November 15th at 5 PM GMT/1 PM ET/10 AM PT. The event will be “a special look back at 20 years of Xbox” according to Microsoft. The post also confirms that no new announcements are coming concerning new projects. However, it didn’t rule out seeing new footage or gameplay from upcoming titles. 

The post also showcases the strength of first-party studios in releasing games every month going till the end of the year. From Psychonauts 2 in August to the expansion of Minecraft, Caves & Cliffs, in late 2021. 

It’s been exciting to see what all Microsoft has done to celebrate the consoles of the Xbox family this year. From re-releasing the Duke controller to changing the Xbox website yesterday to the old 360 dashboard style! There’s no telling on what could get announced at this broadcast. Halo Infinite footage, more Game Pass surprises, or maybe even a wireless version of the Duke coming down the line! Whatever happens, I’m curious to see what fun surprises they have left. If only I could enjoy the conference with an Xbox Mini-Fridge. Damn scalpers. 

Are you excited about the 20th-anniversary showcase from Xbox? What do you think they could announce? Let us know below!

Alex Lehew

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