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LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania pitch reaches 10,000 supporters

Now ready for consideration

Hey, remember this gem from about a year ago? If you don’t, and your mouse button somehow broke between clicking on this story and now, here’s the quick gist: A Sonic fan going by the name “Toastergirl” submitted a concept to the LEGO Ideas website for a LEGO building block set based on Sonic Mania. If LEGO Ideas submissions gain at least 10,000 supporters, then they are up for consideration to become official LEGO products.

This past week — on “Mar10 Day,” when the company revealed they were partnering with Nintendo for something new with Mario, interestingly enough — it finally happened:

The idea of this panning out isn’t as farfetched as it may seem at first. Several previous LEGO Idea submissions have become a reality, including Back to the Future, Adventure Time, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters — even Big Bang Theory.

And, lest we forget, Sonic and friends were a part of Warner Bros. Interactive’s LEGO Dimensions video game:

This means that not only is there already tooling done for Sonic himself, but designs for many of the other characters, robots, and things we’d love to see come to life in all that LEGO block-ish glory. (Plus, if you were an early subscriber to our magazine, I did a review of that set a while back. The Super Sonic Summary? It’s fun, and a neat little toy set, too, though they’re a little pricey now.)

And hey, LEGO loves movie tie-ins. While Sonic Mania is a different beast altogether, maybe there’s enough synergy there that they’d be interested in capitalizing on it nonetheless?

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