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Jet Set Radio-inspired Hover’s latest update includes music from JSR’s composer

Back in 2014, a  Jet Set Radio inspired, free-runner launched a campaign on Kickstarter and was successfully funded. Once the Kickstarter reached $60,000 the developers were able to bring in Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma to the team and help with the soundtrack. 

In Hover’s latest update, it was announced that Hideki songs are now available to listen to! The game is currently in its early access phase and you can check it out right here. 

Here are some of the others fixes that can be seen in the latest upgrade:

  • The Trick Score System is back!
    Tricks don’t give energy anymore, but they increase your score, which in turn will give you more energy at the end of a trick combo. Grinding and sliding will keep giving energy instantly.
    After a 100 points trick combo, you will generate an Energy Aura, it’s useful to boost your allies, open special containers or for some missions.
  • 2 New Mission Types : Trickscore missions and Condenser.
  • Two missions added in district A
  • The Codex has been updated!
  • The ‘Friends Only’ online mode is now available.
  • There’s a new tunnel in Haven District, which leads from MoreMoreMore to Korupa.
  • Some wooden springboards and grind springboards have been added throughout Haven District.
  • After the Sewers missions, Momo is now waiting for you under the HQ’s entrance.
  • When scanning, missions far from you are now displayed.
  • There are now step sounds when landing from a jump! (about time!)
  • Photon has been updated. (Online multiplayer system)
  • Every pop-up messages have been redesigned.
  • New container type has been added, it’s locked with a condenser and unlockable with a high trick score.

Have you played Hover : Revolt Of Gamers yet? Tell us what you think in the comments below! 

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