Indie game platform calls out NFTs for being a “scam”

"How can you be so dense?"

If you’re sick of hearing about game companies and NFTs, then I’m afraid it’s not going to stop anytime soon. After a Ubisoft exec expressed some baffling ideas about why NFTs are “beneficial”, people are asking their favorite companies now more than ever what their stance is. Luckily, we have some good news on the crypto front today: indie game marketplace boldly stands against NFTs and isn’t afraid to say so. won’t stand for NFTs

On a twitter thread, makes it clear that they believe “NFTs are a scam.” Bold and unrelenting, this site refuses to sugar coat any of their words; I find quite refreshing compared to how various other companies make leaps and bounds just to avoid talking negatively about them. 

Here’s what has to say:

They followed up on their original statement bashing other companies for their own NFT endorsements.

“Also f̸̗̎ú̴̩c̷̖͌ḳ̵̀ any company that says they support creators and also endorses NFTs in any way. They only care about their own profit and the opportunity for wealth above anyone else.”

A free platform

Developers on have a wide amount of freedom. The website acts as a place for users to host, sell, and download various indie games. Because of this, it’s not surprising the site denounces NFTs. While they have an NFT section tagged on their site, quite a few games on there are actually just jokes. One example is NFT Clicker, a parody of cookie clicker. Instead of cookies, you click on ugly cartoon animals.

What’s important to note, though, is that doesn’t need to profit from the games on their site. Creators can choose any percentage of sales that go to the host site, even if they set it to zero. Why would they want to profit from NFTs? The site virtually allows you to host anything and everything you could want on there. With all the big companies like Konami and Ubisoft supporting NFTS, I’m happy to see at least one site has our backs. Naturally, it would be an indie game site.

Via, PC Gamer.

Erin Vieira

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