Konami’s new financial results confirm ongoing NFT plans

Back to the same dance - NFTs over good games.

Konami is going forward with plans to continue selling NFTs for their next fiscal year. Due to the released Consolidated Financial Results from the company, it revealed the outlook of the past fiscal year and determined NFTs would stay for all digital entertainment ahead. 

The exact statement on NFTs briefly covered a portion of the report:

“We will also be selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in an effort to preserve content that has been loved by our customers as commemorative art.”

Thanks to Nibel, fans on Twitter have been having a field day with this announcement. The recent acquisitions from Sony and Microsoft also have people wanting one of the top dogs to buy Konami to save its long-treasured IPs. Whether that’ll happen remains up in the air since most of Konami’s talent has jumped ship – remember the Kojima fiasco?

Most of what Komani has done recently is sell Castlevania NFTs during its 35th anniversary. The auction took place in January 2022 and earned over $162,000 for Konami. From images to songs to animated clips within the series, those NFTs overshadowed any hopes of new games and continue to speak for Konami’s focus as a game company.

Though, they did specify their intent on making Yu-Gi-Oh a priority given its NFT potential as a beloved card game. It’s becoming more apparent than years ago that profit is the only thing pushing Konami forward. Now, you understand why people want them to be acquired.

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Via: Siliconera

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