Humankind is on sale and has a free demo available on Steam

Humankind launched back on August 17th under developer Amplitude Studios, with SEGA handling the publishing side, and has offered hours of play for turn-based strategy gamers on PC. Two months into its’ release, a free demo is available and goes on sale to bring in new players.

The sale will last until December 1st. You can find it on Steam and the Epic Games Store with a 20% discount on their standard and deluxe editions. Considering that the base prices are between $49.99 and $59.99, you’ll see a slight drop in price. The demo should help solidify your choice in putting your money down on the game. 

Speaking of the demo, it allows players to journey through 100 turns over three historical eras: Neolithic, Ancient, and Classical. On top of that, you’ll have 14 different cultures to play with with the ability to deck out your avatar and design custom maps to publish within the community Humankind has.

Also, a new patch added more to the game. You can alter end-game conditions to allow yourself to choose your specific winning requirements. A game that relies on strategizing and creating personal milestones a player wants states that Humankind aims to keep you engaged for hours. With a free demo to boot, you can give it a try with no strings attached.

Are you going to download the demo and try it out? Let us know!

Via: Eurogamer

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