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Humankind DLC ‘Cultures of Africa’ available for pre-purchase

The turn-based strategy game Humankind has a bit of an intriguing concept. Charting literally hundreds of years’ worth of human history, you select from a roster of sixty (60) ancient cultures which are then at your whim to either flourish – or, in true simulator fashion, burn to a crisp. Who says the Romans didn’t all chuck themselves into a giant lake, leaving their lands to be claimed by the peoples of Scotland, who rode in on absurd contraptions? School books? Actual facts? Psh. This SEGA game has it right, you uncultured swines.

However, as I’m sure you can imagine, narrowing down precisely which ancient civilisations to include in the game from hundreds upon hundreds of potential choices was a bit of a tall order for the devs. It’s honestly a staggering feat they even managed to get it squeezed into just 60. This naturally led to some notable omissions that fans cried out to have introduced in some capacity; and now, a new DLC package for the game has gone on pre-order to begin rectifying precisely that.

Who needs accuracy when you have giant battle elephants?

Humankind DLC breakdown

Entitled ‘Cultures of Africa’, it, as the name implies, brings the rich history and diverse cultural tapestry of the world’s second-largest continent to Humankind. And not the kind of schmaltzy ‘culture’ you learned from Hollywood efforts like The Lion King or Black Panther (my girlfriend has Nigerian heritage and she almost walked out of the cinema); this is the good stuff. SEGA themselves have broken the news on a webpage. Their statement reads as follows: “when we first created Humankind, selecting only 10 cultures per era was quite the challenging process. Today we’re happy to announce the first additions to our original roster of 60 cultures, with the “Cultures of Africa” DLC.”

The page goes on to detail a bit more about what players can expect from the expansion. “6 new cultures spanning all eras, new natural and built wonders, independent people, and 15 new narrative events,” will be added. They range from the Bantu and Garamantes civilisations, known for their expansionism and agricultural strides, to the Swahili and Nigerian territories, which took advantage of coastal and oil-based resources. There’s a fair amount of history being represented here. As a bit of a buff myself, I couldn’t be more chuffed.

OK, OK, looking at those absurd colossal tanks, I may be slightly overselling the historical faithfulness of this a tad.

When does “Cultures of Africa” come out?

So, when’s it out? The “Cultures of Africa” DLC will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store on January 20th. According to the report, it’ll go for $8.99/€8.99/£6.99. That’s a reasonable enough spend for the amount of content; It should keep pillagers, colonisers and assorted conquerors of all ages busy for some time to come.

Are you excited by this DLC? Are you a fan of Humankind? Any other cultures you’d like to see added? Let us know!

Via, SEGA.

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