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Hitman Trilogy sneaks onto Xbox and PC Game Pass this month

Jump back into the World of Assassination trilogy starting on Jan. 20 — with brand new content on the way.

Good morning, agent 47. Your target is the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy, which is arriving on Xbox and PC Game Pass later this month. Starting on Jan. 20, you’ll be able to pick up Hitman Trilogy (a new compilation of the latest three Hitman games) through Game Pass.

The announcement is part of Hitman 3 Year 2, the next wave of content for Hitman 3. Beginning on Jan. 20, players can jump back into the world of assassination with brand-new content and methods of playing.

In addition to technical improvements, IO Interactive is adding new game modes and releasing a VR port of Hitman 3 for PC. The company will add these updates (and many more) periodically throughout the year.

See the full Year 2 reveal video below, courtesy of HITMAN on YouTube:

Hitman Trilogy on Game Pass; what can you expect?

In addition to the three base games, the Hitman Trilogy collection contains a bunch of additional content that IO Interactive will release throughout 2022. A new map, codenamed Rocky, is promised for later in the year that appears to take place in a coastal jungle setting. This will be the first full map added to the game post-launch.

Two new game modes are also on the way, challenging players to assassinate their targets in new ways. Elusive Target Arcade tasks Agent 47 with eliminating marks one after another, locking you out of the mode for 12 hours if you fail; this mode will launch on Jan. 20. Later this year, IO will release Freelancer, a roguelike-inspired mode where players choose their targets and customize their home base while deciding which gear to keep across missions (as in this mode, it’s not persistent).

IO promises technical improvements to the game as well — most notably, ray tracing and variable rate shading for the PC version. The company’s partnership with Intel also allows it to incorporate XeSS technology for machine learning-driven performance enhancements.

This Year 2 update contains two new updates for PC players as well. First, since the game will be a year old, Hitman 3‘s Epic Games Store exclusivity will end; Steam players can finally experience it on Jan. 20. Also, IO revealed that a PC VR version of the Hitman Trilogy is launching that day as well; this will be made available to all Hitman 3 players.

Hitman Trilogy Release

The Hitman Trilogy is developed and published by IO Interactive. It will be available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S via Game Pass. Standalone versions will also be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam.

See a list of the upcoming Year 2 content here.

Are you excited for these updates to Hitman Trilogy? Will you be stepping back into the role of Agent 47 come Jan. 20? Let us know!

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