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Everything we know about Forspoken

She will rise on January 24, 2023!

Square Enix first revealed the earliest signs of their upcoming title Forspoken in June of 2020 during the PS5 Future of Games Event. Previously titled Project Athia, the story-driven adventure will follow a young New Yorker named Frey who finds herself in a strange new world. After two long years since its first teaser, we’re moving toward the October 24, 2023 release date.

So, as we continue to anticipate this exciting new adventure, here’s everything we know about Forspoken so far!

Project Athia

For a while, Forspoken was only known by its working title Project Athia. During its 2020 reveal, however, the game already sparked serious intrigue from Square Enix fans. That’s because the publisher announced that their newly founded studio Luminous Productions would head development.

Luminous Productions consists of the development team behind Final Fantasy XV. As a result, fans hunger at the thought of what the team can do with a new original title. In addition, with the news that the game’s design would center around PlayStation 5, this meant Luminous’ mysterious title would fully harness next-gen capabilities.

Project Athia teaser trailer

The teaser trailer also shows off multiple breathtaking visuals that help convey the game’s epic scope. From large mountains that sore above the clouds to dense and dark forests, Project Athia promised from the beginning to feature an exciting fantasy world. In addition, the minute-long trailer briefly shows us parkour-based traversal and magical combat that utilizes the environment.

Forspoken official title reveal: Meet our hero Frey

Nearly a year after the teaser trailer for Project Athia dropped, Square Enix and Luminous Productions gave us the game’s official title: Forspoken. In the title announcement trailer, we get an exclusive sneak peak of gameplay. In addition, we learn interesting details about the game’s protagonist Frey Holland directly from her voice actor Ella Balinska.

Forspoken title announcement trailer

Balinska discusses her fondness of Frey. She states in the video that the character’s relatability made it a rewarding and fun experience to portray her in the game.

Frey is a character I immediately connected with when this project was first brought to me, and I’ve had so much fun working with the team to bring her character to life in performance capture and voice recording sessions.

Ella Balinska

The trailer then reveals one of the cutscenes from the upcoming game. And within Frey’s first sentence, it’s clear what Balinska means when she discusses relatability. I mean if you just encountered a dragon for the very first time, wouldn’t those be your first words too?

Although very little story information was revealed by this point, fans already began speculating the game’s premise. Based on her clothing and mannerisms, it felt apparent that Frey came to this fantastical world from our own. This aspect gives Forspoken a highly unique angle compared to other fantasy games.

Frey’s powerful “root” attack

Alongside the story, the title announcement trailer gave fans the added treat of highlighting certain aspects of gameplay. One of the mind blowing standouts is the fast-paced traversal. To say Frey moves fast would be an understatement, as she utilizes magical parkour and platforming techniques to trek across the gorgeous environment at ease.

In addition, we get the chance to see glimmers of Forspoken’s combat which features Frey’s newly gained magical abilities. One move in particular sees her pounding the ground in a way that sends giant roots up to entangle her foes.

Frey’s a long way from New York

Although the title reveal trailer teased fans about what Forspoken’s story has to offer, last year’s PlayStation Showcase further expanded the game’s epic tale. Frey’s journey begins after she is transported from her home of New York City to the magical yet dangerous world of Athia.

As she searches for a way home, Frey must use and master her new abilities to traverse the sprawling landscape and battle fierce enemies. Fortunately, Frey isn’t completely alone. Throughout her journey, she is guided by Cuff, a sentient bracelet wrapped around her arm.

Forspoken story introduction

The trailer also gives us our introduction on powerful beings known as Tantas. Specifically, we learn that Frey will face off against the imposing Tanta Sila, voiced by Janina Gavankar. As Frey ventures further throughout Athia, she’ll learn more about the godlike Tantas and uncover deeper secrets that awaken something much more.

In addition, Forspoken’s official Twitter shared even more details related to the game’s big bad. The cruel dictator Tanta Sila is the strongest of all the Tantas. As a result, she’ll likely be one of the most challenging bosses in the game.

An intro on Tanta Sila

New info from The Game Awards 2021

The latest Forspoken trailer came during The Game Awards 2021. The exciting new trailer fills in even more gaps on the game’s epic story. In addition, it showcases even more sweet gameplay mechanics to look forward to.

The Game Awards 2021 Trailer

One interesting story detail revealed in the new trailer is that the Tantas were not always evil. Instead, a devastating event known as the Break spread across the land and corrupted everything it touched. Apart from maddening the powerful Tantas, the Break turned animals and men alike into horrifying beastly monsters.

Upon her mysterious entry into Athia, Frey soon learns her ultimate destiny. Although her former life was far from heroic or adventurous, the remaining citizens of Athia view her arrival as their final hope. As a result, Frey reluctantly takes on the role of the chosen one and embarks on a perilous journey to rescue this strange new land and hopefully find a way home.

The new trailer also gives us a more in-depth look at some more gameplay mechanics. Interestingly, Frey’s new magical abilities don’t stop at direct combat and traversal. One intriguing new feature showcased is Frey’s ability to cloak herself and become invisible.

Another clip shows off a cool energy sword Frey can use for melee her foes. In addition, we see more fast-paced traversal and how players will be able to strategically use her ranged jumps in combat. Lastly, the newest trailer revealed the initial official release date of May 24, 2022.

A delayed adventure

Although Square Enix first set out to release Forspoken last fall, the game ultimately faced a delay until January 24, 2023. However, in the meantime, fans got an even better taste at the fantasy action-RPG’s gameplay. First, Square Enix and Luminous Productions took a deep dive into some of the game’s core elements. You can watch each of these videos below.

Magic Parkour
Magic Combat
Exploring Athia

A fun, but messy demo

Although the gameplay videos gave players some idea of what to expect in Forspoken, the eventual demo marked a true first look at the game. The demo featured a small area of the full map with a smattering of objectives to complete. It was designed to give the player a chance to feel the game in action while also showing off the environments and writing.

Overall, the demo showed a lot of promise with its unique mechanics. However, the combat flow and dialogue left some prospective players frustrated and disappointed. To get a better idea, you can read our full preview of Forspoken here.

Enter the world of Athia this month!

As we finally near Forspoken’s launch, Square Enix most recently released an epic cinematic trailer. The gorgeous trailer highlights the game’s story and aims to hype players up for the upcoming release.

Cinematic Trailer

Forspoken now launches for PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24. The game is currently available for pre-order. For either platform, you can pre-order either the digital standard or deluxe version. In addition, for PlayStation 5, you can also pre-order a physical copy.

Depending on whether your pre-order the game for PS5 or PC, you’ll receive a different bonus. For PS5, you’ll unlock the No Limits Cloak, Trigger Happy Nails and Symbol Combo Necklace. On PC, you’ll get the Elite Cloak, Overclock Nails and Spectra Combo Necklace. It remains uncertain whether these items are solely cosmetic or if they’ll have an impact on gameplay.

Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition for PC

Along with the standard pre-order bonus, the Digital Deluxe Edition also comes with some other cool digital items. You’ll receive both the digital mini artbook and digital mini soundtrack. In addition, you’ll automatically have access to the prequel DLC when it launches this winter.

Are you excited to play Forspoken to save the world of Athia? As always, let us know below!

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