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G-Darius HD update adds three additional G-Darius versions

The update also brings cool new modes and gadgets!

ININ Games revealed a massive update for G-Darius HD yesterday on YouTube.

The update adds three extra versions of G-Darius to the base game. The versions include G-Darius Ver. 2, G-Darius Ver. 2 HD and G-Darius For Consumer. The best part is that the update is completely free to all G-Darius HD players.

G-Darius HD additional versions

The first new version, G-Darius Ver. 2, originally launched in 1998, a year after G-Darius first released. It adds a beginner mode and other gameplay adjustments. Some of the new adjustments include adding a rapid-fire button, game speed adjustments, enemy durability adjustments and player durability adjustments. This version of the game also features graphics that directly mimic the original arcade release.

G-Darius Ver. 2 HD is exactly how it soundsG-Darius Ver. 2 in high definition. Additionally, it also includes a high polygon version of the 3D Silver Hawk model. Overall, this version is perfect for players who want to experience the new additions of G-Darius Ver. 2 with higher-quality graphics than the original arcade version.

And finally, G-Darius For Consumer is a port of the 1998 Japanese console edition of the game. The original Japanese console port was based Ver. 2 of the arcade game and launched for PlayStation to favorable reviews. You can also check out each of the three new versions of G-Darius in the official update trailer below!

G-Darius HD update trailer

G-Darius HD update brings cool new modes and gadgets

In addition to the extra versions, the update includes tons of new features, modes and gadgets. The new modes include Training Mode, Replay Gallery and Reduced slow-down mode. The update also includes a new wallpaper you can display during gameplay and environmental arcade sounds inspired by famed Tokyo-based arcade Akihabara Hey.

G-Darius HD new gadgets

Some of the useful new gadgets include Boss Info, Zone Map and Current Zone Info. Each of these gadgets displays useful information during gameplay. Another handy gadget is Capture Enemy, which shows the remaining health of captured and joined enemies. In addition, the Technical Rank Gadget shows you your technical rank at the end of the game, and the Yakuza & Boss Timer displays the time remaining until “YAKUZA” appears in a boss fight.

About G-Darius HD

Developed by TAITO and published by ININ Games, G-Darius HD is a modern port of the original 1997 arcade game. G-Darius is loved for its epic boss battles, stellar soundtrack and aquatic creature-based enemies. The HD port is available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. You can buy the game as a single unit on Amazon, or as part of Darius Cozmic Revelation via Strictly Limited Games.

Have you played the new G-Darius HD update yet? What do you think about it? As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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