Flea! is a (sort of) brand new Dreamcast game starring… a flea!

Henry the Hyperactive Flea returns in February!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to become a flea? No? Well, you may want to reconsider. WAVE Game Studios announced last night on Twitter that indie platformer, Flea!, is jumping back over to SEGA Dreamcast next month.

As the name suggests, this new title allows you to take control of everyone’s favorite jumpy parasite as you play through some, “hard-as-nails retro platformer action”. As Henry the Hyperactive Flea, players will need to navigate inside beasts and collect blood across over 80 challenging levels. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a barrage of strange characters and discover some interesting secrets.

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Lowtek Games originally developed and released Flea! for the NES in 2020. Since then, the game received high praise from a number of online reviewers. Fans complimented its creative take on the retro 8-bit style. In addition, the game was also well-received due to its difficult, yet addicting gameplay.

Naturally, the game’s cult success prompted Lowtek to port it to Dreamcast. Although the first Dreamcast port came not long after the NES launch, this year’s re-release features some additional goodies. This time around, you’ll get tons of bonus material, including the full soundtrack on CD. Featuring original music by chiptune composer Tuï, the games catchy tunes will stick to you like, well, a flea.

Flea! review

Indie developers bring new classics to Dreamcast

Overall, the last couple years have been great for Dreamcast fans. Aside from Flea!, Lowtek Games also developed another bug-themed retro title last year. Thanks to overwhelming support on Kickstarter, Lowtek managed to develop the spin-off title Tapeworm Disco Puzzle for NES and Dreamcast.

Another great indie Dreamcast title from 2021 is Intrepid Izzy. Developers Senile Team released a physical copy of the platforming adventure title back in August to incredible success. Like Lowtek’s efforts, Senile Team’s charming game for Dreamcast was brought to life by its loyal Kickstarter backers.

How to pre-order Flea! for SEGA Dreamcast

You can pre-order Flea! for SEGA Dreamcast now through WAVE Game Studios for £24.99 ($34.34). The game comes packed on a factory pressed disc and features high-quality artwork. Flea! officially launches on February 2.

Are you excited to jump back into Flea!? Let us know below!

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