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Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, spin-off of Fleas! receives full kickstarter funding

We’ve got fleas, yes we do! We’ve got Tapeworm, how about you? Before you head to the doctor, let us explain. Lowtek Games, the creators of Flea! for NES and SEGA Dreamcast, are back with a single player retro spin-off that has us seeing bugs. The good kind, mind you!

In Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, you play as the local nightclub owner, serve blood, spin tunes and make sure your flea customers make it to their gigs. It’s not as easy as it seems, though. Some fleas apparently have been buggin’. And now it’s up to Tapeworm, booze-slinger extraordinaire, to figure out why. 

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle includes two different player modes: a single player campaign that has you transversing 100 puzzling levels, and a 2-player team-up. You and a friend, hunny or random worm can tackle 25 additional levels. The beautiful, brightly colored winding mazes are reminiscent of Pac-Man and Gauntlet.

Players have a number of tasks to accomplish. Avoid enemies, while ensuring the safety of the fleas. Collect musical notes and travel through wormholes. You will also help Fleada, the catwalk model, get to her gig on time.

Dedicated to accessibility for dyslexic players

Lowtek Games is a subsidiary of Alasrair Low studio. They focus on indie retro games created “to help dyslexic players enjoy games more,” according to their website. As a gamer with dyslexia and an advocate for accessibility in gaming, I am always so happy to see any efforts by a studio to help accommodate us.

Tapeworm is just the latest announced title in their catalogue. Besides Fleas!, the studio has plans to release Flea Jump!, a hyperactive jumper, and A Familiar Fairytale: Dyslexic text Based Adventure, a game aimed at helping others understand the daily frustration of someone with dyslexia on various platforms. The latter is already available on Steam for $2.99 USD.

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, a kickstarter project, recently reached over 200% of their goal. It will be available on NES, SEGA Dreamcast, and Steam, later this year. The game is also emulator-friendly. So keep an eye out for release dates. A playable demo is already out. You too can start your bar-keeping, mystery solving, disco tapeworm journey!

Join the Mega Visions guys on Twitch for our 24-hour Dreamcast Marathon on September 11 starting at 7am EST. Flea! will be part of our Indie block, kicking off at 5:30pm!

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