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Intrepid Izzy for SEGA Dreamcast has finally arrived!

A dream come true for Dreamcast fans

Since the announcement made in 2017, fans have highly anticipated the release of Intrepid Izzy for the SEGA Dreamcast. As of today, it’s finally here!

In 2017, indie developers Senile Team launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Intrepid Izzy. Their intention was for the game to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and SEGA Dreamcast. Although it has been available for PC since July of last year, the Dreamcast version just released today. The PlayStation 4 release remains to be determined.

Gameplay from Intrepid Izzy for Dreamcast

What is Intrepid Izzy?

Intrepid Izzy is a 2D platformer that combines elements of beat ’em up and adventure games. The game combines modern and retro elements to create a unique platforming experience as you control Izzy on her adventure. One of the features involves collecting various costumes that allow the player to grant Izzy with new abilities. Often, the game’s adventure element comes into play when collecting the new costumes, as they require the player to solve light puzzles that unlock new areas.

Although there are elements of the game that involve some backtracking, Senile Team is very forgiving. Magic mirrors allow the player to fast travel to the game’s many levels. In addition, the game marks important locations (such as locked doors) on the map. This makes it easier to find these spots again once you find a key.

Another feature that makes Intrepid Izzy such a unique platformer is the beat ’em up elements. The controls for the game are easy for gamers to pick up, as they use only four buttons. For combat, one button performs a standard attack, and the other performs a special attack. The special attack changes depending on the costume Izzy is wearing. Another button performs a jump. Jumps can be combined with attacks, as well. The fourth button is to look.

The controls themselves are fully configurable. In addition, the Dreamcast version supports both the standard controller and the Arcade Stick. Another exciting feature for the Dreamcast is that its distribution on physical media.

Senile Team is an indie developer known for their work with the SEGA Dreamcast. Two of their other titles include Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally. Beats of Rage is an open source beat ’em up engine for Dreamcast. And Rush Rush Rally is a Dreamcast racing game.

Where can I buy Intrepid Izzy?

Intrepid Izzy is available on SEGA Dreamcast today. The game costs approximately $40. It is available from a variety of stores:

Intrepid Izzy is also available for PC on Steam. The PC version normally costs $18.99 but is on sale until Aug. 26 for $9.49.

Via Intrepid Izzy Official Site & The Dreamcast Junkyard

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