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Final Fantasy XVI development is in “final stages”

Producer Yoshida Naoki hopes that Final Fantasy XVI will bring back old-school fans.

The next mainline entry in the long-running Final Fantasy series is on the way. Final Fantasy XVI is under development at Square Enix, with no set release date as of yet. That’s not surprising given the massive undertaking and previous delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it looks like we won’t be waiting for too long. Producer Naoki Yoshida commented on the status of Final Fantasy XVI’s development in a pamphlet for the series’ clothing line. According to him (translated by aitaikimochi on Twitter):

We’re in the final stages of development for the numbered game in the series, Final Fantasy XVI. We aim to deliver a comprehensive game full of story and gameplay.

Naoki Yoshida, Producer for Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI Artwork

Final Fantasy XVI development is in the final stages

While the game is still a ways away, it looks like Square is close to completing core development. As of last year, the story and voice work had mostly been complete and work on large-scale gameplay features was moving steadily. The second half of 2023 seems like a safe estimate for the game, and we imagine Sony may show off the game again around the holiday season this year.

Yoshida is also working on continued updates for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV where he serves as a director, producer, and lead designer. He spoke on the differences between that project and FF16 and how he hopes the new game will attract some old-school fans back to the franchise. Quote:

Unlike an online game that involves many players at the same time, Final Fantasy XVI offers a different experience where it focuses on the individual player and immerses you in the story. I think it’s a very fleshed out story. For those who have grown up and realized that reality isn’t kind to you and have drifted away from Final Fantasy, we hope that Final Fantasy XVI will be a game that can bring back anew the passion that you once had with the series.

Naoki Yoshida, Producer for Final Fantasy XVI

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Via IGN.

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