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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier to receive low-polygon retro fighters

As far as smartphone games go (and often that’s not very), Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is pretty decent. Not only is it packed to the gills with reverent references to the storied Final Fantasy franchise at large, allowing fans and newcomers alike to indulge in a bit of gratuitous nostalgia, but it’s also very well-serviced by Square Enix. New updates and content roll in quicker than a greased-up cheetah on Red Bull, and more often than not it’s a pack featuring beloved goodies from adventures past. Marry that to an engaging battle system and some surprisingly vivid graphics, and you’re onto a winner. It’s one of the rare occasions where some console owners have looked at it with envy, wishing it could make the leap to home systems. That’s telling.

Polygonal play

Things are about to get even more retro than ever, though, as the newest additions to the roster are looking a bit, well… angular. As GameRant reports, a selection of polygonal, blocky characters from the OG Final Fantasy VII, which dates back some time now (you’re welcome for the existentialism), are being added to the game. Low-res versions of Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, and Barret Wallace are included, as are a couple of new skins. Have a look:

Nice of Tifa to develop the power of flight for the occasion.

Official statement

“During the recent Final Fantasy 7 anniversary stream, Square Enix announced that original game’s iconic low-polygon models are coming to The First Soldier,” reads the report. The original title first graced our tube TV screens in 1997, and though other action games of the day were ramping up graphical fidelity in the name of progress, Square opted to compromise on visuals so they could cram more actual content into the adventure. Classic case of quality over quantity; or perhaps it’s the reverse in this instance. There’s subversion for you.

It appears the report concurs. “Part of the original Final Fantasy 7‘s enduring charm are those iconic low-polygon models used throughout the game that could be animated while not eating up storage space.” Their chibi-like appearance is sure to lend a dash of cuteness to the otherwise fairly grimdark First Soldier.

Now if only they’d do another Yo-Kai Watch crossover event. Some of us still care. *sniff*

Will you be checking out this character pack? Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Let us know!

Via, GameRant.

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