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Explore the Nier Automata church in this brand new mod!

You can explore the new church area by downloading the mod from Nexus Mods!

Early this morning, three modders revealed they completed a new mod for NieR: Automata that opens up a brand new area.

Earlier this year, Reddit user sadfutago began a thread making claiming they stumbled upon a mysterious new area in the game. After taking the r/nier subreddit by storm, users flocked to post their theories, with some even thinking this was a marketing campaign by the developers. However, after some digging, many players ruled the hidden area in NieR: Automata as a hoax.

Now, however, Twitter user DevolasRevenge announced that the mod is officially live. The announcement left many fans speechless and awestruck. Not only do we have an answer to this summer’s mystery, but we also sit at the dawn of a new era for the game. Since its launch many in the NieR community believed modding the title was practically impossible.

NieR: Automata mod announcement

The Church Mod is now available for download over on Nexus Mods. After all the speculation and mystery, players can now experience the new area for themselves.

In addition, the three modders behind the project shared an official statement detailing their appreciation for the fans. One of the modders, Woeful_Wolf, also revealed the project was a multi-year effort. The map designer, DevolasRevenge, also admitted the viral sensation and mystery was something none of the team expected.

Thanks everyone for sticking along for the ride. Whether you expected this outcome or not, I hope you enjoyed the impact. It was never meant to blow up this big, but just confuse a few people on Twitter lol. This would be absolutely impossible in any form without Woeful and Raider B.


Have you played the NieR Automata Church Mod? Do you think we’ll see even more expansive mods for the game in the future? As always, share your thoughts with us down in the comments!


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