NieR: Automata player discovers hidden area after five years

NieR: Automata first released back in 2017 for PS4 and PC before receiving an Xbox One port later as well. With multiple different endings, secret codes, and an expansive world, people thought they discovered everything there was to find. However, five years after the game’s release, a NieR: Automata player found one final secret hidden in the game: a secret room. Spoilers ahead!

NieR: Automata player findings

Reddit user sadfutago initially posted a thread asking if anyone knew how to reach “the church.” No one seemed to know how to get there and the post received little engagement. Sadfutago then posted screenshots of the area, leaving others in the thread confused. Many pointed out Yoko Taro, the game’s creator, said there were no easter eggs left. Others suggested the screenshots were fabricated and found the entire thing suspicious.

However, on July 25, sadfutago posted a video of their findings as proof. Playing as A2, the game’s secret third protagonist, after Act 3, the footage shows the player in the Copied City. The Copied City, where players face the boss Adam, appears as a strange white area with towering buildings. In the video, the NieR: Automata player approaches a wall with an interactive prompt. Activating said prompt opened a doorway in the wall.

Following through the room, sadfutago drops down a ladder into an open room. Progressing further, they cross through a set of doors into a warped and twisted hallway. However, they don’t reach the church area they had asked about, saying they received a space error while recording. This left many fans still skeptical about the validity of the area.

With how unlikely it seems, many users in the comments pointed out map mods of this advancement haven’t been made for the game. If this was truly a mod, that’d be an impressive feat to behold. Because of that, some are inclined to believe it’s real. Modders and dataminers alike seem completely shocked at reveal. Someone even pointed out a feat like this requires cracking the environmental map editing/building, which is insanely difficult.

There’s something strange about this case…

Another hidden meaning may be lingering in this strange situation. The NieR: Automata player’s username, sadfutago, translates to “sad twins.” Two sets of twins exist in the game: Devola and Popola, and Adam and Eve. Adam dies in the Copied City, so there’s a high chance it’s in reference to that set of twins. Either way, it’s strangely coincidental that this reddit user has a name like that and discovered NieR’s potential final secret.

As of now, all NieR: Automata players scramble to understand this newfound discovery. No one has been able to replicate it yet. Other than knowing sadfutago plays on PS4, the NieR: Automata player showed none of their system settings and setups that may be required to get to this area.

Have they truly discovered Yoko Taro’s final easter egg? An insanely impressive mod? Or, is it a secret promo for future NieR content? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Via, PCGamer.

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