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Dreamcast racer Re-Volt has been re-released on Steam

You can experience the high-velocity R/C racing today!

Developer Acclaim Studios Teesside and publisher H2 Interactive re-released the classic Dreamcast racer Re-Volt on Steam last Friday.

The unique racing game lets you take control of one of 28 R/C cars as you guide through wacky race tracks. Across the 13 unique tracks, you’ll race through everything from the neighborhood streets to the floors of a grocery store. Because of the cars’ small size, small curbs become giant walls, and toys become large obstacles to dodge.

Re-Volt Steam trailer

About Re-Volt and its fan-driven legacy

Re-Volt first released in 1999 for SEGA Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PlayStation and PC. The game’s premise involves Toy-Volt’s new line of R/C cars taking on a mind of their own and breaking free from the store shelves that once imprisoned them. With their new freedom, they take to the streets (among other unlikely places) to race in high-speed competitions.

Although the game’s original developer and publisher Acclaim Entertainment went under in 2004, dedicated fans continued Re-Volt’s legacy. One such effort is the cross-platform, community-driven mod RVGL. Since its first incarnation, RVGL prides itself on keeping Re-Volt alive entirely through modern, open source components.

To this day, RVGL receives patches and updates that further improve the game. According to the official website, the list of new features includes:

  • Support for various platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) and architectures.
  • New renderer based on programmable shaders.
  • Wide screen, Full HD, 4K resolutions support.
  • Additional content from the Dreamcast version brought to PC and Android.
  • 2-4 player Split-Screen multiplayer mode brought to PC.
  • Graphics: Improved font, native support for Anisotropic Filtering and MSAA.
  • Audio: True 3D surround audio, original soundtrack playback (Ogg, Flac, MP3).
  • Input: Supports a wide variety of gamepads, Xbox and PS4 controllers.
  • Netplay: Low latency Peer-to-Peer multiplayer, spectating and lobby support.
  • Unicode support, additional languages and International Keyboard Layouts support.
  • Customization: car skins, per-car box art, per-level music, extensive features for custom content creation.
  • Improved AI and improved gameplay stability, especially on high end systems.
  • Efficient multi-threaded loading, silent loading and much more…

You can download the community-driven mod RVGL for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Android devices on the official website. You can also purchase the official re-release of Re-Volt on Steam now.

Are you excited to step back into the miniature driver’s seat in Re-Volt? Have you played the open source mod RVGL? As always, let us know what you think down below!

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