Details for Resident Evil X Dead By Daylight chapter released

As the news broke earlier this year about a Resident Evil and Dead By Daylight crossover, there has been a lot of speculation. We felt like they had to have this “Go Big or Go Home” mentality when it comes to the details. Now that the news has broke via Dead By Daylight‘s anniversary stream, here’s a list of things they announced:

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil crossover
  • New Map: Racoon Police Department
    • A 1 to 1 accurate representation of the Police Department in the Resident Evil 2 remake.
  • 2 New Survivors: Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine
    • The decision to choose one or the other was too difficult so they decided to release both.
    • Leon brings a new mechanic to Dead by Daylight in the form of a flashbang. It’s an item you acquire through out gameplay and how you acquire it is unknown.
    • Jill’s unique perks will “Highlight her intensive training and her high adaptability in impossible situations.” No new mechanics were announced yet.
  • New Killer: Nemesis
  • Power: T-Virus
    • It will act in the same way as the Blight’s vomit, making players sick and vomit making them easier to detect.
    • His first tentacle hit will infect, then the second hit will deal damage.
    • The more players that are infected, the more range the tentacle has.
    • Nemesis will spawn vaccines around the map to help the survivors heal. There is a limited quantity of them. Survivor’s communication is key.
    • Nemesis will also spawn zombies controlled by AI. Zombies can bite and infect survivors with the virus as well.

The chapter will be released June 15th and lead into the 5th anniversary event for Dead By Daylight.

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