Resident Evil Showcase reveals Dead By Daylight crossover

Now onto the quickest serotonin boost I can give to thousands of people that have put thousands of hours into Dead By Daylight. But first, some story behind the game itself.

Dead By Daylight is a 1V4, survival horror game that has gained a cult following. The game’s mixture of home developed and licensed killers and survivors has morphed the genre into something that has been duplicated by some, but never gotten to the popularity of Behaviour Interactive‘s creation. Licensed killers include :

  • “The Cannibal” (Leatherface)
  • “The Shape” (Michael Myers)
  • “The Nightmare” (Freddy Krueger)
  • “The Pig” (Amanda Young from the Saw Series)
  • “Ghost Face” (Scream Killer)
  • “The Demogorgon” (Stranger Things)
  • “The Executioner” (Pyramid Head from Silent Hill)

All 40 characters, including Ash from Evil Dead and Bill from Left 4 Dead, have a fleshed out story and reason. They are thrown into trials in a location known as “The Void”.

The stream numbers show a peak seven-day player count at almost 54,000 concurrent players with 129,000 viewers, with an all-time high of 77,500 players on Oct. 26, 2020. So to be fair, this game is very popular.

With this June being the fifth anniversary of the game, it’s been speculated for months that there would be a Resident Evil Chapter at some point. On April 15th, they finally gave us what we’ve been wanting. A Resident Evil Chapter WILL be coming, but the reveal will not be until the Dead By Daylight Anniversary Stream on May 25th where we will be getting more info on the chapter.

Who do you want in this chapter? What iconic Resident Evil location do you want as a map? I’m looking for the Racoon Police Department or Main Street from Resident Evil 2 for a map. I’m also highly speculating here, that I want Chris as the survivor and Wesker as the killer. Sound off in the comments below!!

William Blanton

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