Nintendo resurrects classic RPG Live A Live, coming to Switch this July

Live A Live

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo pulled out a big surprise for old-school RPG fans. A game never released in the US is finally coming over to the Switch. No, it’s not Mother 3. It’s an HD-2D remake of the cult classic Live A Live! The game will be published by Nintendo themselves and drop in the US on July 22! You can check out the announcement trailer below. 

So here’s how the game works. The game takes place over seven eras. Each one has its own characters, story, gameplay, and art style. They are prehistory, the Wild West, Imperial China, Edo Japan, the near future, and the distant future. As you progress, the game starts to tie all the eras together. I’m now starting to get the feeling this game heavily inspired Octopath Traveler? If you want a more detailed breakdown on why this remake is a big deal, Peer Schneider has a great Twitter thread you can read here. As someone who’s never played the game, I am very curious and excited to try this one out now. 

Live A Live will release on the Nintendo Switch on July 22. If you want to see the rest of the Nintendo Direct, you can do so here! Are you excited to try out this renowned RPG for the first time? Let us know below!

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