Kega emulator creator writes personal in-game letter detailing Clockwork Aquario’s challenging development

Clockwork Aquario

After being canceled 30 years ago, Clockwork Aquario has finally been released in Japan and Europe, with it soon on the way in North America on Dec. 14. The game has miraculously been restored for release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Behind this achievement is a dedicated team at ININ, Strictly Limited Games, and original members of Westone. The task to do so was not easy, according to some of the development team. 

In Clockwork Aquario, players can view a letter in the gallery from Steve Snake. If that name sounds familiar, you might know him as the creator of the Kega emulator! He was part of the team that worked to restore the game. The letter details how elements such as graphics and soundtrack parts were missing. It also explains that those missing parts were a big reason behind the title’s delay from 2020 to 2021. You can find the full letter below.

A look behind Clockwork Aquario’s ‘curtains’

The letter is a fascinating insight into what it takes to restore a game thought to be gone forever. Most people ask to see a game they’ve heard about released to the public. But having a source code can sometimes only get you so far. I can’t imagine what willpower and effort it took to fix corrupted graphics or add-in sound elements to match the original arcade sound design. Snake and everyone on the team deserves substantial credit for going through the game piece by piece for release. The dedication it takes to complete that task is born of pure love.

Clockwork Aquario is available now in Japan and Europe. It will be available in the US on December 14th for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Are you excited to try out the long-lost arcade gem? Let us know below!

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