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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk grinds onto the Switch in 2022

The Jet Set Radio-inspired game will be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

Get ready to kick it: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio announced last year, is hitting the streets in 2022. The game, developed by Lethal League studio Team Reptile, will launch as a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

The team showed off the game at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase on Aug. 11, complete with a new trailer and gameplay footage. Soon after, Team Reptile released another video demonstrating more of the gameplay and the absolutely grooving tunes that will accompany your skate sessions.

Check out the new official trailer below:

What is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk very clearly takes inspiration from JSR, right down to having a pitch-perfection recreation of the art style and tone. The premise is also borrowed directly from that series: you play as a crew of rebellious skaters tagging a city with graffiti while dealing with the police and rival gangs. Team Reptile is even working with JSR composer Hideki Naganuma whose trailer theme GET ENUF is deliciously funky.

For all intents and purposes, this is basically Jet Set Radio 3. Yet considering SEGA hasn’t announced any new JSR game since 2002’s Jet Set Radio Future, keeping things close to home makes perfect sense. When Team Reptile showed off the initial trailer in February, the game was praised by fans for capturing the spirit of the original series. These new trailers confirm the studio’s commitment to delivering the classic JSR experience even under a different name.

The new gameplay trailer showcased the grinding and graffiti gameplay and also confirmed that in addition to inline skating, skateboarding will also be an option for getting around. While it’s not clear yet what advantages (if any) boards will provide over skates, it’s a natural addition to the JSR formula. Watch that trailer below:

Jet Set Radio influence

The game looks poised to recreate the magic that made the original JSR games work so well — no mean feat considering SEGA isn’t in charge of this installment. Professor K would be proud.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is developed by Team Reptile and will launch in 2022 for Nintendo Switch. A Steam release has also been confirmed, and the developers plan to bring the game to other consoles as well. You can see more about the game’s development on Team Reptile’s site here.

Via Polygon.

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