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Beat from Jet Set Radio rolls into Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Fans of classic SEGA, unite! Two of the company’s most iconic mascots, Super Monkey Ball‘s sphere-bound primate AiAi and Jet Set Radio‘s boppin’, fire-droppin’ Beat, are butting adorably oversized heads as part of a DLC pack for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. If you were hoping for an actual new Jet Set Radio entry, though? Uh. Better luck next time. Hey, at least you can go back and race its tracks in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing for a couple more thousand rounds! (Sure beats picking up Team Sonic Racing, at least).

The boys in blue broke the universe-merging news themselves on Twitter, letting fans know that Beat will be available immediately on launch of the apes’ new outing; being as he is “unlockable through normal gameplay.” As opposed to… abnormal gameplay? Just what in God’s name do they think we’ll be getting up to? Attempting to play the thing with actual bananas plugged into the controller port? I only do that for snacking convenience, you cads! Regardless, have a look at the Tweet below.

I fear for the poor chap’s visibility given the garishness of those goggles.

We get a brief snippet of gameplay as part of the announcement, and it looks utterly hysterical. The ridiculous way he goes rocketing down chutes, all while his comical headphones remain steadfastly glued in place. This is definitely a case of franchise ‘ne’er the twain shall meet’, but I’m all for the ludicrousness of it.

And people say Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is the most ambitious SEGA-related crossover ever. Pah. That glorified minigame compilation could never measure up to the brilliance that is watching a neon-outfitted 90s city slicker tumbling about in a sandpapered Zorb.

Will you be picking up the game for this DLC? Any fond Jet Set Radio memories? Let us know below!

Via, Twitter.

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