SEGA evaluates “dormant” IPs, including Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon

In a financial report, Sega Sammy released a graphic for “Utilization of IP Assets”. Within this image they were wanting to make sure we can recall some of their dormant intellectual property. Why? So they can either remaster, remake, or reboot a IP.

Even though there was a Panzer Dragoon remake and Streets of Rage 4 we can safely assume that SEGA wants to bring those properties back home at some point. Virtua Fighter has had an announcement of an ESports title ready to release in 2021. It’s currently unknown why it’s considered dormant event though they confirmed working on a new title.

There are only two reasons why this list isn’t full of active properties. SEGA doesn’t think we would enjoy remakes and numerical sequels of our favorites series. However, it could also be that SEGA doesn’t think we are loud enough to warrant a rebirth of our favorite franchises.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into their financial report, you can check it out here.

Also, what would you want to be remastered, remade and rebooted? Let them know in the comments!

Personally I wouldn’t mind a remastered NiGHTS into Dreams, a remake of Altered Beast, and a Reboot of Jet Set Radio!

William Blanton

A huge fighting game fan, (Even though he sucks at them.) Pokemon lover, and content creator of 14 years. He has gone on record saying he would never play any of the Souls games.
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