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A Psychonauts 2 physical release is coming this year

Coming in two versions, the physical edition contains a number of goodies that will please any Psychonauts junkie.

It took Tim Schafer and Double Fine 16 years to finally realize the sequel to their acclaimed 2005 platformer Psychonauts. It was one of the most hotly-anticipated titles of 2021 and received highly positive reviews when it launched. Now, Psychonauts 2 is getting the physical release it deserves later this year.

Double Fine and iam8bit have partnered together to produce a physical release of the game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. There are two versions available: the Motherlobe Edition which contains the game alongside a number of goodies, and the Collector’s Edition which contains even more brain-tickling extras plus a physical copy of the original Psychonauts.

Pre-orders for both versions are live on iam8bit’s website now. The items are planned to ship in Q4 2022.

Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Physical Edition

What’s inside this Psychonauts 2 physical edition?

Both the Motherlobe and Collector’s Editions contain the game along with a lenticular outer sleeve, premium die-cut sticker pack, a pack of six art cads, and a digital download for exclusive behind-the-scenes development concepts. In addition to all these goodies, the Collector’s Editions also comes with a reversible cover sheet, digital download codes for three volumes of the Psychonauts 2 soundtrack, an exclusive Feast of the Senses five pin set, a blacklight poster of Raz, an exclusive poster of Raz’s Archetype, and an extra sticker sheet — all in a beautiful collector’s box.

This actually isn’t the first time Psychonauts 2 received a physical release. Before Microsoft acquired Double Fine, the company ran a Fig campaign to obtain funding from fans. One of the rewards for this campaign was a physical version. Although the campaign was cancelled after the Microsoft buyout, Double Fine still shipped out those physical copies to eligible backers. Now, the rest of the world can get a physical copy of Psychonauts 2.

iam8bit also offers the game’s soundtrack on vinyl (as both a 2xLP essential collection and 6xLP full edition) and a 250+ page physical artbook. These are available separately.

Are you going to be picking up the physical edition? Let us know!

Via VG247.

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