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Yu Suzuki discusses Shenmue the Animation, possibility of Shenmue 4

Fans of the Shenmue series will have to wait a while longer for news about a fourth title. In an interview with IGN Japan last week, Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue discussed his plans, or lack of, for the fourth installment and what he wants to see happen if it does move forward.

During a commemorative day celebrating Yokosuka City, the setting where the Shenmue series is based, Suzuki and others from the franchise took the opportunity to talk about the game series, and the new anime. Included in the topics was the possibility of another game.

Shenmue the Animation

As some may recall, Shenmue 3 was a love letter to the players. Backed as a Kickstarter campaign, the game is hailed as a fan favorite. It wasn’t considered critically successful, but we all know that isn’t always a factor in what makes a game great. So, it’s no surprise that fans are still clamoring for another title.

Unfortunately, Suzuki said that there is nothing to be announced yet. However, he has given some thought to it. “If there is a chance to make a spin-off of Shenmue IV, I would like to make it,” he said. He also stated that the fourth title would be made for existing and new fans alike.

In the meantime, Suzuki and the rest of the panelists are very happy with the reception the new anime has received worldwide. This includes a commemorative map and stamp sets available in Japan.

As part of the celebration of Shenmue and Yokosuka City, where the series is set, commemorative maps and stamp sets are available.

Our staff has enjoyed seeing the Shenmue franchise come to life in the anime. To hear our reactions and join in the discussion, check out our podcast: Talking Shenmue.

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