You can now find Pac-Man pork belly buns in Japan

Eat like Pac-Man with a sandwich that looks like him!

Aside from being one of gaming’s most famous mascots, Pac-Man is synonymous with his eating habits. Naturally, the best merchandise for the ever-hungry yellow ball is food. As a result, Namco partnered with famed Nagasaki-based restaurant Iwasaki Honpo to put Pac-Man’s likeness on pork belly buns.

For years, Nagasaki’s take on the classic dish Gua Bao captivated foodies across Japan. Known as Kakuni Manju, the dish features a pork belly covered in tangy soy sauce in between fluffy buns. The most notable restaurant for this dish became Iwasaki Honpo, due to their unique secret recipe.

Now, visitors have a new reason to visit the popular establishment. The all-new Kakuni Manju feature a fluffy yellow bun topped off with the gaming mascot’s famed eyes. Shaped to look like Pac-Man himself, the all new buns appear to directly hold the mouthwatering pork treat right in his mouth. In addition to a new look, they also feature a delicious flavor combination of tangy soy sauce and curry.

Although Namco’s full intentions for the marketing deal remain uncertain, these new pork belly buns are certainly intriguing. Regardless of whether Namco has plans to revive Pac-Man for a new game, or if they’re simply having fun with their mascot, these pork belly buns grabbed the attention of fans. You can try the retro-gaming treat for yourself at Iwasaki Honpo in Nagasaki, Japan.

What do you think of the Pac-Man pork belly buns? Would you try it? Let us know below!

Via Retro Dodo

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