Yakuza voice actor hilariously belts out “Baka Mitai” as Goofy

You know, we take our jobs here seriously on the Mega Visions news team. The news team goes out of our way to find breaking news and get the posts up as fast as we can. Reporters rarely come across something that’s just hilariously insane in our line of work. Indulge me here for a bit; There’s a story about the “Baka Mitai” meme I can’t ignore.

Some of you might know voice actor/Youtuber SungWon Cho. He’s done dubbing voices in the Yakuza franchise for multiple games. He did great work, I might add, as Mitsuo Yasumura in Like A Dragon and Tesso in Lost Judgment. You can imagine me falling out of my chair when THIS version of “Baka Mitai” popped up on my timeline today.

SungWon. You mad man. You brilliant mad man. I know “Baka Mitai” is a meme, but you’ve peaked it. How do any of us ever try to top you singing it as GOOFY? Sing it as Donald Duck? Or Mickey Mouse? No way. The meme has reached its apex. Even SEGA themselves know it has!

I know the power of “Baka Mitai” is strong meme-wise, but I’m not sure anything will ever top it after this. Congratulations SungWon; You managed to make a couple of news reporters like myself lose it laughing as we look for news to cover. Salute to you, sir.

Alex Lehew

28-year-old gamer, writer, content creator, weeb, and Sega fan! I'm old enough to remember when you played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on a CRT, or how weird Revelations: Persona is. Constantly begging Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3.
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