Yakuza cosplayers rekindle famous dancing memes as Kiryu and Majima

Friday Night dancing is back in action!

It all started with THE minigame from Yakuza 0. Kiryu, Majima: men manifesting unprecedented Chad levels of energy – spurred the internet into a meme-machine frenzy at the sight of them jamming out together. Recently, two Yakuza cosplayers followed in their footsteps, dancing on a Dancerush Stardom arcade machine, ready to continue the legacy of Friday Night!

Okay, I might have lost myself up there a bit. But this is Yakuza, guys. Half of the series is about losing yourself into side content, which gave two roommates the brilliant idea to show their gaming spirit in real life. Check out those sick moves:

Dancing aside, can we agree that their costumes are legit accurate?

That’s rad.

You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t Dallas Rosalez’s first rodeo as a Yakuza cosplayer. He made a previous dancing video that went viral by himself. Because of this, people speculated that a second video would happen. But no one expected his roomie, AeroTorimodosu, to hit the dance floor as Majima in the iconic rat tail black suit to complete the Friday Night meme.

Kiryu and Majima vibing on the dance floor

While certainly amusing, this video is a gem gamer moment for the books. In this world of dramatic changes, a thread to the past lives in these moments and can rekindle how we felt all those years ago. Here’s the limelight of our community: people who love games and show them to the world. 

What’s your favorite gamer moment? Let’s hear it down below!

Via: GameRant

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