XIII Remake is being remade… again

Let’s hope it’s better this time around.

First-person shooter XIII managed to garner a cult following even after initially receiving poor reviews and selling poorly. So, when Microids announced its remake in 2019, many people were excited for the possibility. However, after the remake’s release, fans were left sorely disappointed, to the point where the creators had to apologize for the disastrous launch. Now, Microids decided to give it another shot with a new XIII Remake done by an entirely new studio.

XIII Remake, part 2

Partnered with artisan game studio Tower Five, known for their work on Lornsword: Winter Chronicles, the XIII Remake gets a second chance at life. In a Steam post, the developers let us know about their new partnership, hoping to “achieve quality standards and offer optimal gaming experience.” They’ve been working on a major update for over a year by now.

Current owners of XIII will receive a free update when it rolls out, as they want you to enjoy the game “as intended.” The remake features a refined art style, enhanced A.I., reworked HUD, and revamped sound design. Switch players can expect a 30fps framerate, whereas PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can expect 60fps. There will also be the option for online multiplayer, from 2 to 13 players.

The original, based on the 1984 graphic novel of the same name, had quite a unique look to it. While the remake completely altered that, fans are hoping that particular point will be fixed in the update.

When do players receive the update?

The XIII Remake update comes out September 13, 2022. Hopefully this version will have far more finesse than their first attempt. It was ranked 33 on Steam’s bottom 100 games, after all. Fans can also grab the original version, currently titled XIII Classic, on Steam for $1.49 thanks to the Steam Summer Sale.

Read the full Steam post here.

Erin Vieira

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