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Xbox reveals a new batch of FPS boost supported games

During the Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration stream, Microsoft revealed some juicy details about their backward compatibility library. After saying 70 titles are coming to the library, they confirmed that a new batch of games is also getting the FPS boost! For those unaware, the Xbox Series X/S can give older games a frame rate boost to give modern enhancements to some of your old favorites. The list of games is in the image below:

Xbox FPS Boost

Oh great. Sonic Unleashed can hurt me in 60 FPS now. Jokes aside, it’s an exceptional list to get a boost framerate-wise. There’s a lot of games that will feel considerably better with the FPS enhancement. All the Sonic games will feel faster to help the breakneck action. Dead Space will feel even more terrifying now that monsters can chase you at breakneck speeds. Far Cry 3 will be a whole new experience as you go on a bad drug trip while hunting animals on that insane island. I can’t wait to see how these titles feel now with a little extra power on the Series X. It is wild to see they can pull this off with older titles. Hopefully, this isn’t the last batch of games we see get the power treatment.

All games on the list are available now on the Microsoft Store at various prices. Are you excited to try out some titles on the list at a boosted framerate? Let us know below!

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