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“Xbox by Gucci” sold to Japanese YouTuber for $10,000

“GG enters the world of Esports with ‘XBOX’ and ‘GOOD GAME’ prints.”

Have you ever wished you had so much money you could spend it on virtually any video game you want? Unlimited games, every console on the market, new and old? That’s the dream—one a Japanese YouTuber gets to live out with the $10,000 “Xbox by Gucci.”

Gucci made an Xbox?

Yes, yes they did. “Xbox by Gucci” was entirely exclusive console made by Gucci, with a limited-edition run of 100 consoles for sale… at the high price of $10,000. Of course, it came with more than just the Xbox. It includes customized Xbox Wireless Controllers, a carrying case, and, of course, the Xbox Series X. Those who purchased the Gucci Xbox receive the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as well.

Within the exclusive package, the two controllers feature a design with blue and red stripes “inspired by the House Web.” Its main component, the Xbox Series X, has a repeating etched laser-cut monogram motif of “GG”, representing both the Gucci initials and the classic gaming phrase “good game.”  In case you need to take your Gucci Xbox on the go, the carrying case with blue and red stripes has you covered with its vintage luggage design and “GOOD GAME” emblazoned in green on one side and “XBOX” on the other. Truly, I am in awe of this creation.

Xbox carrying case with a Gucci pattern behind an Xbox Series X Gucci-themed console
Gucci Xbox Series X and carrying case
Xbox Wireless Controllers with a red and blue stripe, sitting in a lush green box
Xbox Wireless Controllers

“Xbox by Gucci”—sold to the highest YouTuber!

The Gucci Xbox has been bought by YouTuber Hikakin. Japan’s biggest YouTuber, sitting at a comfortable 10.3 million subscribers, happily shows off the purchase in a YouTube video. Donning white gloves and handling it with care, Hikakin carefully unboxes the Xbox and sets it up. While the Xbox is, of course, meant to be played, Hikakin seems rather nervous about playing such an exclusive and expensive item.

If you think Hikakin sounds familiar, you likely watched one of his beatbox videos, such as Super Mario Beatbox. Now he’s purchasing only the highest quality of the Xbox Series X. Playing it? Maybe not so much—Hikakin notes he may put it back in the box to display in his living room.

Despite how bizarre it is, all 100 “Xbox by Gucci” consoles have been sold out. Being completely honest, I don’t think the console, especially Xbox, is worth that much money—or any console, for that matter. But the rich will do what the rich want. Maybe a Balenciaga PlayStation will be next. Even as a PlayStation fan myself, I wouldn’t plan to buy one, nor would I have the funds to do it. And if you wanted a Gucci Xbox yourself, well… I guess you’re out of luck.

Via, Kotaku.

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