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WrestleQuest delayed to August 22

You'll have to wait just a bit longer for WrestleQuest

Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games announced yesterday that WrestleQuest will now launch on August 22.

According to a press release dropped on their Discord account, the company stated, “When performing final checks on one of our launch platforms, we discovered it was possible for players to lose their save game progress when playing WrestleQuest on multiple different devices.”

The release continued, “Because this is a game filled with hours of content and player progress is so important, we could never body slam our fans like that. We are truly proud of this game and believe that we have a product that delivers on all counts. We’re blown away by the support we’ve seen from players excited for WrestleQuest.”

Ending with a “Thank you all. We’ll see you in the ring August 22,” Mega Cat succinctly stated the reasons for the delay. Fortunately, the delay won’t make you wait much longer to get the most optimized experience in the game.

Driving with the Muchacho Man

In other news, to promote the game the development team partnered with Waze to, “Unleash the madness of WrestleQuest’s charismatic wrestler, Muchacho Man (voiced by Patrick Hickey Jr), as he navigates you through the streets with his legendary voice!”

That’s right, if you’re a Waze user, then you can download the upcoming protagonist of WrestleQuest. This also gives you his voice direct you on all your directions as you cruise down the street.

The sound of the bell is coming… be patient

Early excitement for the game seems high. With the beta out for a while now, the developers are working hard to get the bugs patched. We’ll also keep you updated if anything else changes.

WrestleQuest launches on August 22, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Are you excited for this genre-bending RPG? Let us know in the comments!

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