Wizorb receives Nintendo Switch release

Break some bricks, save some towns, and become a master of the secret art.

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, a new old game makes its way over to the Nintendo Switch. Ready to use your magic wand and face epic boss fights? Save the Kingdom of Gorudo in the Switch release of Wizorb, developed and published by Tribute Games.


Once, the Kingdom of Gorudo enjoyed peace. However, as an evil presence approaches, its only hope for salvation lies in Cyrus, the wizard versed in a secret magical art. That magical art is called… Wizorb! Explore the monster-infested Clover town all the way to Gorudo Castle atop Cauldron Peak. Stay vigilant on your journey, as danger lurks around in just about every corner. You’ll need more than just luck to survive…

The game boasts brick breaker action, 5 magical worlds, epic bosses, and special power-ups. At the core of the game, players use a magical ball to destroy bricks and enemies. Its RPG elements adds on rebuilding towns to help restore NPCs and fighting a variety of different bosses. It carries a totally retro feel and looks like something I might’ve played on the GameBoy back in the day.

Key features:

  • An all-new block-breaking game set in a fantasy world.
  • Use your magic wand to bounce the orb and cast various magic spells.
  • Over 60 levels in 5 different Worlds.
  • Earn gold to buy charms or to help the citizens rebuild their homes.
  • Epic boss fights.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Character animation by Paul Robertson.

When does the game come to Switch?

The game originally came out on Xbox 360 Live Marketplace back in 2011. Afterwards, it enjoyed a PC port on Windows, where it currently sells on Steam, in 2012. Now, in 2022, Wizorb releases to Nintendo Switch in just a little over a week on October 6. It’ll sell for just $4.99, a very cheap price to pay for a magical game. Ready to master Wizorb?

Erin Vieira

Writer, artist, cosplayer, D&D player, Final Fantasy lover, and Bayonetta enthusiast Erin Vieira says that although they were born amongst mortals, someday they will exist as an unknown entity of the void. There will still be video games there, of course.
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