Wind Waker Rewritten completely reimagines the game

With much more comedic purposes.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker most recently received some love by Nintendo in 2013 with its high-definition remaster on the Wii U. Everyone’s in love with the Switch nowadays, but personally, I was pretty jazzed to buy my Wind Waker exclusive Wii U set back in the day. Now, a fan lovingly decided to rewrite the whole game. Featuring a bunch of new dialogue, reimagined cutscenes, and more, Wind Waker Rewritten brings a whole new identity to the beloved Zelda game.

Wind Waker Rewritten

Wind Waker Rewritten, recreated by aproxm, is a romhack that tells a unique story with the game’s same framework. Rather than changing the combat and areas, the mod adds a bunch of new dialogue, cutscenes, video files, and some texture edits. 

Now, before you get any ideas, this version of Wind Waker isn’t attempting to change the story in a dramatic or heartfelt way. This rewrite exists solely for the purpose of comedy. Haven’t you always wanted to see the words “holy shit” uttered in a Zelda game? The King of Red Lion speaking southern as he says “Howdy”?

The rewrite “re-characterizes” every single NPC in the game, sure to make your Zelda experience a little different this time around. Really, you should see it for yourself. Check out the Wind Waker Rewritten trailer and all the fun, fresh dialogue it has to offer below.

Romhack features:

  • Over 10,000+ new lines of dialogue
  • Reimagined cutscenes and characterizations
  • New video files
  • A handful of texture edits

*This romhack does not change any models, levels, islands, characters, ai, music, sfx, or any sort of gameplay whatsoever.

Download it now!

Feel free to judge this mod’s humor yourself by downloading Wind Waker Rewritten over on If you check out the description box in the trailer, they have another video linking to download instructions.

Nintendo has a tendency to shut down anything fan-related to their games, so you might want to download it while you have the chance if you’re interested. With its more “edgy” humor, who knows how long this one will stay up?

Erin Vieira

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