WaterMelon to publish new Dreamcast RPG Elysian Shadows

While our friends at WaterMelon are busy putting the finishing touches on Pier Solar HD, it looks like they’ll be finding some time to publish another Dreamcast RPG.

Elysian Shadows is a classic 16-bit RPG inspired “next-gen 2D RPG” with a real-time combat system, where players switch between 2D and 3D perspectives. WaterMelon will help the Elysian Shadows team in producing physical editions for the Dreamcast version, but once finished, the game will be available on the PC, Apple, Linux, OUYA, Android and iOS platforms.

WaterMelon’s publishing deal just means we will be using their infrastructure to produce a physical Dreamcast release of the game,” said Falco Girgis, the game’s lead engine/toolkit developer. “It doesn’t mean we have received funding from anyone, and Elysian Shadows is targeting many other platforms aside from the DC that will still require attention.”

The Elysian Shadows team is gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign later this summer to help secure funding to continue development on the game.

“We’ve been having to pay artists out of our pockets, and have been working grueling hours with our full-time jobs and graduate school on top of our development duties for Elysian Shadows,” Girgis said. We normally stay up all night during the weekends, abusing caffeine, working on Elysian Shadows and striving to maintain a consistent online presence to grow our fanbase.

“The truth is that our pace is not sustainable, but we’re giving it everything we have right now, because we truly believe that with our audience and the community support, Elysian Shadows stands a very good chance of being funded on Kickstarter,” he continued.

To help build their fanbase the team chronicles their development of the game in its “Adventures in Game Development” series.

“We post semi-weekly video updates giving a behind-the-scene look at the life of an indie game development team as we produce Elysian Shadows, complete with all-nighters, code, music, art, math, substance abuse, engine crashes and our trademarked dysfunctional antics,” Girgis said.

You can learn more about Elysian Shadows by visiting the website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Chris Powell

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