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Watch this impressive 13-minute Elden Ring speedrun!

Mitchriz smashes Distortion2's previous speedrunning record!

Coming from someone who never could make it past the first boss in Dark Souls, it always amazes me when someone beats a FromSoftware title in a mere few minutes. Well, it happened again! Twitch streamer Mitchriz found a way to complete the studio’s latest critically-acclaimed title Elden Ring in just under 13 minutes. Considering some players spend even more time just creating a character, this is beyond impressive!

Thanks to some serious skill and a handful of exploits that allow you to zip across the map in a few seconds, Mitchriz managed to get to the credits at 12:32. Previously, speedrunner Distortion2 held the record, coming in at 18:57. However, as impressive as that time remains, Mitchriz’s new speedrun dramatically raises the bar further. You can watch the record-breaking Elden Ring run below.

Mitchriz’s Elden Ring speedrun

For most players, Elden Ring takes close to 80 hours to get through all the way. So, seeing talented speedrunners like Distortion2 and Mitchriz slash through in just a few minutes is mind-blowing. Even with the use of glitches and exploits that skip through hours of gameplay, there’s still the Beast Clergyman to contend with.

Elden Ring speedrun exploits are likely here to stay!

One of the best parts about speedruns in FromSoftware games is that the developer historically does not patch the exploits from their titles. Essentially, this means that anyone can attempt to beat the new record with enough grit and determination. While it’s far from easy (all FromSoftware games are notoriously difficult), even you can use the speedrunning exploits to enter the race.

With a new record set for an Elden Ring speedrun, it will be interesting to see if anyone can beat it even faster. Have you finished Elden Ring? How long did it take for you to make it to the end? As always, let us know in the comments!

Via Uproxx

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