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Elden Ring speedrunner breaks new record

In under 20 minutes, an Elden Ring speedrunner takes the crown for beating the game.

From unmasking NPCs to horrifying character creation, Elden Ring continues to dominate the gaming field. Along with that comes the wave of speedrunners hoping to reach the end of the game as quickly as possible. Recently, an Elden Ring speedrunner made it his mission to beat the game under 20 minutes under the Any% category: and it seems he succeeded.

The Elden Ring speedrunner

Elden Ring speedrunner Distortion2 made records in his latest speedrun of the game. Clocking in under 20 minutes, the speedrun completed at a total of 18 minutes and 57 seconds. This particular speedrun is any Any% speedrun. An Any% allows the use of force quits and the “zipping” glitch that allows characters to teleport across the map. He played this particular run on patch 1.02, considering it to be the “fastest” version of Elden Ring.

It took Distortion2 a total of 15 hours of grinding in order to actually accomplish the speedrun. He noted there were “countless failed runs” to the final zip. After that long, it’s no surprise he notes he “almost lost hope” nearing the end. However, through using exploits and pure skill, he managed to break the record.

The Any% speedrun isn’t the only one Distortion2 has done. The Elden Ring speedrunner encourages curious viewers to go check out his All Remembrances run. He held the record for this speedrun as well at 1:48:06. However, taking a look at other speedrunners, others since beat that score.

Given his upload history, Distortion2 likely won’t stop there. Countless speedruns have been done one after another, all with the hopes of shattering previous records.

It likely won’t end there

Distortion2 will likely enjoy his victory for at least a couple days, especially given the grind it took to get there. However, given how many different records he continues to shatter, he may end up breaking his own again. With how active the Elden Ring community continues to be, it’ll be fun to see who else steps up to the mantle to challenge the record holder with their own style of speedrun.

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