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Watch the epic launch trailer for Rick Henderson!

The battle must be won. Niche gaming publisher Eastasiasoft, and developer Fat Pug Studios, has unveiled the launch trailer for their latest new game release in 2022, Rick Henderson. Featuring an array of colorful enemies, gorgeous space landscapes, and plenty of weapons to use, the game is ready to take off.

Who is Rick Henderson remains a mystery, but whoever he is, an entire fleet wants him gone. The game is a homage to the classic 160-it spaceship shooter era, an era in which the genre flourished with a grand number of similar games, from Truxton to Raiden.

Rick Henderson is a shmup made for the shmup enthusiast. The trailer showcases the visuals and gameplay as well as features. Overall, the game sports a 16-bit style presentation with some modern enhancements, including glow and blur effects to hark back tot he days of playing games on CRT television.

Rick Henderson has three different ships and a multitude of bullet, laser, and missile-based weapons to use. Over 15 boss variants and 40 enemy types stand between the player and victory, but with a ship that features 27 weapons and upgradradeable features, they don’t stand a chance. Rick Henderson also has multiple difficulty modes, a one-color mode for the visually impaired and a pulsating synth-wave soundtrack to rock to when downing waves of enemies.

Rick Henderson enters our atmosphere tomorrow!

I’ve said it previously that there can never be too many shmups out there, and in fact, we need more. Whether they similar to older games like Gley Lancer, homebrew titles like Ghost Blade HD, or are entirely new titles like Cygni: All Guns Blazing, we need more spaceship shooters and shmups. Seeing Rick Henderson is a delight, and another exciting release for online game retail. As for Eastasiasoft, they have been on fire in 2022, with multiple showcases and several releases.

In February 2022, Eastasiasoft unveiled 14 titles. As of this posting, nearly 20 games launched. Eastasiasoft has become a shmup haven with several titles from Crisis Wing to Z-Warp to my personal favorite, Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype. Like Ratalaika games, there is never knowing what to expect with Eastasiasoft, and the portfolio of games they release. Rick Hendersen looks to be another exciting release and the year ain’t over yet.

Rick Henderson launches for $7.99 on August 31 for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. It originally released on Steam on August 4th, 2021. You can purchase it here.

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