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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is almost upon us. A couple of weeks back, we reported on a new trailer for the Netflix series. It took a closer look at Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, teasing us with some intense action. Claire channels her hidden Nicholas Cage and puts the pieces together on this global conspiracy, while Leon was being tall and brooding.

As the release date approaches, Netflix and Capcom whet our appetite with another trailer. In this new clip, we get to see the first three minutes of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness in all of its action-packed glory. The opening scenes are very action oriented, and many viewers jokingly compared it to Black Hawk Down. There’s even a helicopter crash!

You can check out the new trailer above. Here’s Capcom’s official description of the aforementioned scene:

This scene is set six years earlier (in 2000) in the city streets of civil war-ravaged Penamstan, where bullets fly. When a U.S. special forces helicopter falls from the sky, the U.S. Army Mad Dogs, led by Jason, refuse orders from the command center to stand their ground. Instead go to save the survivors left stranded on the battlefield.

The revealed clip focuses on Jason, who is currently (in 2006) operating with Leon as a U.S. federal agent. As the captain of the Mad Dogs during this earlier incident, he and the unit engage in an intense battle with the local Penamstan soldiers. Starting with the scene of the helicopter crashing, a shocking moment that will feel familiar to fans of the Resident Evil series, this clip will keep viewers so captivated that they won’t be able to look away for even a second.


Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness takes place between RE 4 and 5 and gives fans another side of the story they haven’t seen before. You can finally get your hands on the series when it comes out on Netflix July 8.

Are you excited for this Resident Evil Netflix series? Share your excitement with us in the comments below!

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