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Warner Bros-themed fighter roster allegedly leaks

Space Jam: A New Legacy was a lot of things. It was, uh, a combination of live action and animation (I’d struggle to call it a ‘film’ as to do so would cast aspersions on my favourite medium). It paraded LeBron James around its WB multiverse with the kind of reverence typically reserved for deities, while pairing him off with the classic Looney Tunes characters – characters near and dear to my heart who spent the first half being largely ignored and ridiculed, and the second half being forced into repulsive CGI skins against their will.

Above all, it was a shameless advertisement for Warner Bros.’ back catalogue of IPs; a never-ending rotisserie of self-aggrandizement whose only concern was shoving the sheer breadth of the studio’s corporate synergy down your throat so far that it pops out your rear end and, seizing your phone, signs you up for HBO Max. Remember The Matrix? We own that! Harry Potter? Casablanca? Rick and Morty? Start your free trial today!

When one of your showstopper gags is ‘Speedy Gonzales in the Matrix’ you have officially gone too far.

What Space Jam: A New Legacy wasn’t, however, was particularly good. I, like many others, dismissed it as a hollow, soulless exercise in shilling which didn’t even measure up to the total mediocrity that was the original movie. (Incidentally, Back in Action remains the best cinematic outing for the Looney Tunes, and I’ll take anyone to task on the matter). Turns out the film may have had a tertiary purpose beyond selling tickets and subscriptions, though: as ComingSoon reports, leaks have surfaced of a Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl-esque Smash Bros. clone, allegedly starring a host of WB characters on its roster. So it was a video game commercial too. Got to extend those vile tendrils into every market, haven’t we, Brothers Warner?

Spoilers, obviously, in case this turns out to be legit, but I’d recommend you nip out to the chippy and ask them for a truckload of salt til we know for sure:

Well, let’s check our Leak Checklist. Blurry beyond reasonable measure? Check. Utterly ludicrous contents? Check. Horribly compressed file? It’s… it’s real, isn’t it?

Among the supposed cast are some classic cartoon faces, including Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry, as well as some more recent creations like Rick Sanchez and Finn. Not a matchup I’d ever personally have envisioned, but then I don’t have the unbridled creativity of a sleazy Hollywood fatcat, do I? Slightly more exciting is the presence of some actual bonafide action-oriented folks, like Batman, Superman and Gandalf, which will make for a cool contrast to the wacky antics of the ‘toons. One is left wondering precisely how anyone would best Superman, though. Maybe he’s going to play fair and just punch really softly. Or the arenas will be built from Kryptonite.

The leak comes courtesy of an allegedly well-connected Twitter user, Hungrybox, who’s known in the Smash community. If this does turn out to be real, there are a few more WB reps I’d want to see incorporated: Dumbledore and the Animaniacs spring to mind, as do Gremlins and King Kong and Emmet off the LEGO Movie and… crap. Maybe Space Jam got to me more than I thought. I’m compromised, it’s all over. Flee while you can before it spreads, folks.

Are you excited by the prospect of this game? Any characters you’d like to see included? Let us know!

Via, ComingSoon.

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