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Warner Bros. fighting game MultiVersus is real! WB reveals first look

Like zoinks, this game looks huge!

Since the rumors began swelling last month, the concept of a Warner Bros-licensed platform fighter named MultiVersus took the internet by storm. A number of leaks, including part of the game’s roster, spread like total wildfire. Yet, even with the evidence, some argued the game’s concept was far too bizarre to actually be real. I mean we’re talking about a video game where Shaggy can fight Rick Sanchez and Batman. It had to be an elaborate meme, right? Wrong! Warner Bros. officially announced today that MultiVersus is real and will launch next year.

MultiVersus First Look Reveal

In the official game reveal, WB provides tons of information on what fans can expect from their upcoming game. MultiVersus will be a free-to-play platform fighter that features a diverse cast of WB-owned characters. After launch, players can also expect the roster to grow in size with new characters added consistently. Game Director Tony Huynh adds that the possibilities of who can enter the game are endless. Basically, as long as Warner Bros. owns the character’s rights, their on the table.

Our vision for MultiVersus is that anyone and anything is possible.

Tony Huynh

MultiVersus gameplay details

Gameplay will include a variety of modes, including 1 vs. 1 and 4-player free-for-alls. However, the developers are giving special attention to the 2 vs. 2 matches. Huynh states that each of the characters have special moves that allow players to strategically collaborate in fights. In addition to Batman’s smoke bomb, players can work together using Bugs Bunny’s tunnel or Steven Universe’s shield.

Another cool feature in MultiVersus is the incorporation of iconic voice actors. Two notable examples include Kevin Conroy’s reprisal as Batman and John DiMaggio’s return as Jake the Dog. All of the game’s characters will also have customization options including alternate costumes and move-sets. I have my fingers crossed that Big Chungus is an alternate outfit for Bugs Bunny.

in-game screenshot

Since the focus of the game is multiplayer, the developers emphasize the attention given to online multiplayer. In addition to the inclusion of online guilds, MultiVersus will also have competitive leaderboards. It will also have dedicated servers to provide a smooth lag-free experience. Did I mention it also supports cross-play over every platform?

MultiVersus is being developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games. It launches in 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The game will also feature cross-play support across all platforms. In addition, the free-to-play fighter will receive consistent seasonal updates with new characters added on a regular basis. Are you excited to play Warner Bros’ new platform fighter? Let us know down below!

Via Niche Gamer

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