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Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor- Ultimate Edition launches soon

The acclaimed ARPG gets a big upgrade

The Emperor Protects. Four years after its initial launch, Warhammer:40,000 Inquisitor- Martyr comes to next generation systems as Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor- Ultimate Edition. You can also watch the trailer for yourself below!

A Big Upgrade

The news comes from Dead Good PR representing the game. Nacon and Neocore Games have announced the arrival of Warhammer:40,000 Inquisitor- Martyr for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as an Ultimate Edition.

The ARPG has been going strong since 2018, and through the years, ahs featured a bevy of post-launch releases, from new expansion packs to various updates, which have added new classes, weapons, and missions. Re-titled as Warhammer: 40,000 Inquisitor- Ultimate Edition, this new release features Native 4K support, Higher Resolution textures, Improved physics, Cross-gen multiplayer modes, and for PS5 owners “fully utilizing Dual Sense controller on PlayStation 5” which likely means haptic feedback and using the built-in speaker to listen to communications from allies and foes.

Additionally, a new playable class will be rolling out for the game, and available on both new and past-gen consoles at a later date. Initially announced in 2021, the Sororitas Class is an Inquisitor with a Sister of Battle background. She will bring new mechanics and items to the game, though it is unknown if this involves new quests or enemies.

You are an Agent of The Emperor

Warhammer: 40,000 Inquisitor- Martyr puts players into the role of an inquisitor, an elite class of the Imperium that serves as the emperor’s hand. As the Inquisitor, you must complete the missions most essential for the fate of the emperor and all of humanity. To do this, the Inquisitor has a variety of skills and weapons, alongside an unwavering loyalty to the emperor

Players choose as one of several classes. Players travel across the Caligari Sector, going face-to-face with the deadliest of enemies across planets, ships and space stations. Each class suits the playstyle of the player, and has their own unique brand of weapons and abilities. As an isometric action RPG< players explore various environments and destroy many hordes of enemies. Players embark and various primary missions, secondary missions, and side quests, as well multiplayer missions. From the grotesque enemies of The Warp to traitors, mutants, Genestealers, and other manifestations of evil, nothing stop The Inquisitor, and no one can escape justice.

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor- Ultimate Edition launches October 27, 2022 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The Sororitas Sister DLC comes later for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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