Video comparison: Dux Vs Dux 1.5 Vs Redux: Dark Matters

Hucast has bewildered the community by releasing their debut title three times over the last 5 years, and we have been covering it extensively ever since the game was revived on Kickstarter in summer 2012.

In order to help the community decide which version of the game is the one for you we wanted to do a video show casing all three versions, unfortunately it appears my copy is still in transit (or lost). I reached out to a friend of ours Adam Koralik from FigureItOut Productions to do the video instead (he has better equipment anyways :P).

Note: Dux 1.0 has a scoring bug and  Redux: Dark Matters has a couple of reported game crashing bugs not covered in the video. That said, check out the video and decide for yourself which version is for you!


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